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March 23rd, 2017

First Round of Design Grants for 2017

Wherever a nonprofit's mission and vision are taking them, we're here to help!

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Making a Start at Reviving Two Parks
Most of our pro bono park plans get their start through local efforts to unleash the green and make room for good things to happen. Here are tales of two parks—Gold Star Park and...
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Vacant Land: A Sense of Possibility
“Not a Vacant Lot”, built on a vacant lot in the middle of vibrant Center City, gathered our free-floating anxiety about Philly’s huge stock of vacant land into something more...
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Reimagining Vacant Land at Repurpose
Repurpose!, a one-day community workshop and public art project to develop creative uses for vacant land, brought together a diverse group of nonprofits, architects and Mantua...
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Philadelphia City Council Approves Land Bank Legislation
This year, the Collaborative joined the Philly Land Bank Alliance, a diverse partnership of allies to support the creation of an effective land bank in Philadelphia. These...
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Positioning Practice: Terry Schwarz and Pop Up City
Terry Schwarz wants to save our cities-- and she is prepared to do it in a bear suit. Schwarz, a senior planner at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) and...
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Joyce Smith, Viola Street, a plan for reclaiming blocks
When you walk down the 4200 block of Viola Street in East Parkside, it’s clear that residents are taking care of the block. The street and sidewalks are clean, there’s a thriving...
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Urban Sustainability Forum to Address Vacant Land
On September 17th, the Urban Sustainability Forum will turn its focus to issues of vacant land in Philadelphia.  The forum, entitled No Vacancy: Re-imagining Vacant Land in...
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