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Arts and Culture

Islamic Cultural Preservation and Information Council

This forum for the academic study and artistic expression of Islam in America wants to expand onto adjacent vacant land. The expanded Lancaster Avenue center would feature a first-floor gallery and café with a business development center and rental housing for seniors above. The Collaborative evaluated the feasibility of two approaches to creating the mixed-use facility: building an addition or all new construction.

Volunteer Design Team

Chanelle Hurst

Architect, Intern
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Christopher Methven

Cost Estimator
Domus, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kenneth Johnson

Architect, Registered
Phila NOMA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Michael Spain

Architect, Intern

“Design gives people a tool to be active in the decisions of their community and see the impact it can have.”

Phila NOMA

Uchenna Okere

Architect, Intern
Reflects volunteers' profession and firm at time of Design Grant
Project Title
ICPIC: Conceptual Design for a Mixed Use Facility
4237-4255 Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Mill Creek
West Philadelphia
Volunteer Hours
Value of Pro Bono Services
Design Grant Completed
March 25, 2014
Inspired from many angles
Architect Michael Spain has contributed his design expertise to several Collaborative projects, including one of our first green schoolyard projects and, recently, a conceptual...
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