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Shrinking cities, growing communities

Philadelphia's own Alan Greenberger will be deliver the keynote address at the Association for Community Design conference in Rochester, NY this week. The theme of ACD's conference is Shrinking Cities, Growing Communities. Greenberger, executive director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and past president of the Design Advocacy Group, will speak on planning for the post-industrial city. He'll talk about making connections between neighborhoods, fallow industrial land, natural resources, and current and future economic drivers to support the growth and success of cities in a very competitive world.  ACD's organizers say Alan may also discuss "urban acupuncture"-- a concept to describe how energy flows in cities and how, when it's blocked, both citizens and government must step in to unblock it.

The Collaborative's Executive Director, Beth Miller, will also be at the ACD conference as part of a panel discussion, Community Food Supply/Environmental Justice.


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