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Interim Use Charrette: Emboldened by David Belt

  • Macro Sea's David Belt sets the bar for the interim use charrette.  Photo by Mark Garvin.

Check out Plan Philly’s post on the Collaborative's  interim use charrette, Infill Philadelphia: Boldness redefines ‘community center' .

Thomas J. Walsh writes:  “Planners, designers and architects attending a day-long design charrette last Friday did not need to be told to be creative, and adapt, when it comes to the short-term re-use of vacant, urban industrial sites – of which Philadelphia has more than its share.

They probably didn’t need any nudges in the direction of going green with their approaches, or to be bold.

From an inspiring guest speaker and critic, though, they just might have gotten a new take on an old saw for a valuable take-away lesson: 'It’s a lot easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.'

That was the advice of David Belt, president of the New York-based design firm Macro Sea and one of the guys behind Brooklyn’s celebrated dumpster swimming pools.”


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