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Creative Partnership for Revitalization

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The Collaborative is partnering with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program on a pilot program that coordinates architectural and landscape improvements with public art on commercial corridors in Philadelphia.

The partnership brings together design professionals and artists in a creative and collaborative effort to holistically address issues facing commercial corridors.  Through the Collaborative’s rStore program, our volunteers will work with muralists to integrate proposed building improvements and surrounding landscaping plans with public murals. This pilot effort will address two sites in Philadelphia, one on East Passyunk Avenue in South Philly and another on Ridge Avenue in Roxborough. “Part of evolving is forming good and new partnerships,” said Jane Golden, Mural Arts Executive Director.

“We have been exploring working on business facades and commercial corridors with the Department of Commerce and wanted to partner with the Collaborative, we saw this as a natural cross-over. By working with the Collaborative we can bring in more professionals and expand solutions for business owners,” said Judie Gilmore Lomnes, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Mural Arts.

The projects will engage the community in addressing revitalization through consultations with local business owners on façade improvements and a public process for designing the murals. “Murals Arts brings their strength in connecting with the community and engaging everyone,” said Emily Stromberg, Collaborative Program Associate and manager of the rStore program.

Stay tuned for updates on these exciting projects.

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