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So Happy Together—Park(ing)Day’s Pallet Park

Many thanks to the hard-working volunteers who had a hand (sometimes containing splinters) in designing and building the Collaborative’s Pallet Park for Park(ing) Day. Jordan Barr, Alex Cutrona, Erin Fox, Erin Keith, Rachel Lijana, and Charlie Oropallo took the project from an interesting idea to reality. . . with help from Revolution Recovery, McNaughton's Gardens, and Urban Jungle.
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Park(ing) Day makes the case for more urban green space and fewer parking spaces. But the Collaborative’s Park(ing) Day volunteer team also aimed to demonstrate the possibilities of recycling urban scrap.

The building block for the park was the ubiquitous wooden shipping pallet. Team leader Erin Keith notes, “You see pallets all over the city by dumpsters… We wanted to tap into a different way of recycling—repurposing.” The team collected pallets and fashioned them into Adirondack-style lounge chairs and café tables with built-in herb boxes.

Urban Jungle, a garden center on East Passyunk Avenue that specializes in vertical gardening, took on the team's challenge to create a vertical garden from pallets. They attached landscaping fabric to the back and edges of each pallet, filled the gaps between slats with potting soil and plants, and slowly tilted the pallets from horizontal to vertical over a period of several weeks to let the roots take... adding one brick a day in the shop. The result: ruggedly handsome, roadside vertical gardens. If you try this at home, Urban Jungle’s Chris Klotz advises, grasses work best.

Along with promoting an ethos of repurposing urban scrap, the volunteer team was attentive to what happened to their installation the day after Park(ing) Day. Revolution Recovery recycled a stack that was displayed in their “raw state” on park(ing) Day. The furniture found a enthusiastic permanent home with the Village of Arts & Humanities.

The Collaborative's Pallet Park was one of over thirty parks created for Park(ing) Day. See some other Philly Park(ing) Day parks!



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