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Meet Our Volunteers: Amy Yaskowski

Meet Our Volunteers: Amy Yaskowski

2012 - Volunteer Amy Yaskowski first got involved with the Collaborative through her firm, Viridian Landscape Studio. She sat down with the Collaborative to reflect on her volunteer experience—just before relocating to San Francisco.

A landscape architectural designer in the beginning years of her career, Amy likes "being in the thick of things... and getting down to the nitty gritty with designers and community members." She  joined fellow Viridian staff members to volunteer for several sustainable landscape design projects, working with Friends of Marconi Plaza, Meadowood Nature Center, and the SHARE Food Program. She ultimately led a volunteer team to design a green schoolyard for Meredith Elementary School.

Amy says her volunteer experience has helped her grow professionally,“... going to those task force meetings and setting up design team meetings has been really helpful for my organization skills, for my public speaking skills.”

We'll miss you, Amy. Thanks for all your help and best of luck!

Video interview by Kacie Comly Liss.




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