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Bank of America grant helps us show what design can do

  • A Bank of America grant to support community development will help us deliver design services like this Francisville Arts Corridor Design Study.

The Community Design Collaborative is pleased to announce a Community Development Grant of $10,000 from the Bank of America. As we look to provide our communities with preliminary design services that support neighborhood and commercial corridor revitalization, Bank of America’s investment in the Collaborative will enable us to benefit the individuals and families living in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods.

The Bank of America Community Development grant will support the delivery of an estimated $640,000 in design services grants, consultations, and technical assistance in 2013 by funding the following Collaborative programs:
  • Service Grants: Preliminary design services for nonprofit organizations who are working to meet the fundamental needs of low- and moderate-income clients and communities.
  • RStore: Storefront façade improvement plans for small business owners applying for matching grants through the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce's Storefront Improvement Program (SIP).
  • Infill Philadelphia: Project management of Infill Philadelphia: Soak It Up! to help the Philadelphia Water Department facilitate the development of green infrastructure to manage stormwater and revitalize neighborhoods.
The grant we received is part of a $23 million philanthropic investment by Bank of America to build and rehab affordable housing, offer foreclosure prevention services and homeowner counseling, and provide other services intended to invigorate and rejuvenate neighborhoods.

In 2012, a grant from Bank of America enabled us to offer the design services to support stable, affordable housing and homeownership, including:
  • a conceptual master plan for renovating the Friends Housing Cooperative's affordable homes in the East Poplar neighborhood
  • a corridor study for the Francisville Neighborhood Development Corp. to spur economic development on Ridge Avenue
  • a conceptual master plan for the Fourth Street Commercial Corridor for the South St. Headhouse District/Queen Village Neighbors Association


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