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More green for Mariposa, and we don't just mean kale!

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Check out  University City Review's story, Mariposa sells local, healthy food to everyone, which shares good news about Mariposa's expanded community reach and economic impact gleaned from the food co-op's annual meeting.

The co-op opened its bigger and better store in a former bank building on the 4800 block of Baltimore Avenue in March 2012. Since then, Mariposa's staff has grown from 9 to 40 and sales have grown by 180%. And the co-op now qualifies for membership in a buying program which has reduced prices for many of its products.

In 2009, the Community Design Collaborative orchestrated preliminary design services to test out the fit between the food co-op and a former bank building on Baltimore Avenue. We love seeing the positive impact of the expanded co-op on Cedar Park and beyond.

P.S. The preliminary design process allowed Mariposa to dream a bit about using its new location fully, from basement to rooftop, to include an ever-widening circle of Philly residents in the buying, preparing, and growing of fresh food. With Phase 1 complete, Mariposa has been busy developing its sea legs as a bigger operation and planning for Phase 2.

Volunteer Team Re:Vision Architecture Jeremy Avellino Gaylen Roberts Alexandra Vondeling

Gardner Fox Associates Patrick Baker Brook Gardner

Larsen & Landis Eric Larsen

Thomas A. Monari, PE Tom Monari

McGrann Associates John Colarelli

Advanced Foodservice Solutions Justin Silverthorn Maki Silverthorn


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