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Our Latest Design Grants: Connecting CAPA and More

We're pleased to announce our latest group of design service grants! Through these grants, our volunteer design professionals work side-by-side with communities to put their visions down on paper and move ahead with fundraising, gaining community and political support, and getting projects built. Here is what’s in store at the Collaborative in the coming months.

The Collaborative will work with the CAPA Home and School Association. We'll help them discover how the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts can transform its open space into an asset that enhances CAPA’s identity and connects it to the Avenue of the Arts, the surrounding neighborhood, and Philadelphia as a whole.

  • CAPA’s formal frontage is in need of some new life.

The South Street Headhouse District (SSHD) will receive a grant to participate in the Collaborative’s rStore program, which promotes store owner investment in storefrong façade improvements.  Collaborative volunteers will consult with up to eight South Street business owners to recommend specific improvements such as painting, lighting, new doors and windows, or planters. Firm believers in the idea that “good design is good business,” SSHD is using rStore to engage business owners in creating a more vibrant district.

Bethesda Project provides shelter, housing and outreach to the homeless. The Collaborative will complete a site feasibility study for a “step-up” facility that will place engagement, respite beds, permanent supportive housing, and support services all under one roof. The facility was identified as a top priority in Bethesda House's recent strategic plan.

In partnership with the Manayunk Development Corporation, the Collaborative is producing conceptual designs for greening several sites in Northwest Philadelphia. These projects will provide places for the community to experience nature, while using watershed elements to manage storm water and ensure sustainability. In the coming months, the two following sites will receive design grants as part of this project:

The North Light Community Center works to support and enrich the lives of children, teens and families, providing invaluable resources and programming. The Collaborative's design grant will help North Light incorporate environmental education into their programs with a conceptual master plan for the playground and other open space surrounding the center.

The Collaborative will also produce designs for the schoolyard of James Dobson Elementary School. The goal is to incorporate local history, preservation and the significance of the Wissahickon Watershed into the design of the open space and provide learning opportunities for students and an amenity for the community.

  • We're helping Dobson Elementary add nature - and subtract concrete - in their schoolyard.


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