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First Round of Design Grants Awarded for 2015

Making more happen inside the fence: A Collaborative Design Grant will guide the redevelopment of this East Kensington parcel into a multi-purpose community space

The Community Design Collaborative is proud to announce its newest Design Grants

The Collaborative will work with AMY Northwest Middle School on Growing to Greatness, a conceptual design for schoolyard greening. Manayunk Development Corporation is supporting this project through its Destination Schuylkill River project. Our conceptual design will incorporate the history, preservation, and significance of the Lower Schuylkill River watershed into the design of the open space and create new learning opportunities related to the environment and sustainability for students and the community.

Hope Partnership for Education, located in the Fairhill neighborhood of North Philadelphia, will receive conceptual design and technical assistance to support their effort to depave and re-establish a healthy landscape on the vacant lot opposite the school.

The Collaborative will provide Kensington Renewal Initiative and The Simple Way of East Kensington with community engagement and conceptual design services to guide the redevelopment of a large parcel of vacant land which will include a multi-purpose open space for the neighborhood.

Finally, we will be working with People's Emergency Center (PEC) in West Philadelphia to develop a conceptual design for streetscape improvements at the intersection of 41st Street and Lancaster Avenue to reduce crime, promote economic development, and restore the intersection as a public space in the community. The design services will use strategies identified through PEC’s participation in the innovative Crime Prevention through Environmental Design program.

The Collaborative’s Design Grants offer pro bono preliminary design services to community-based nonprofits in greater Philadelphia. The services are provided by teams of volunteer design professionals that may include architects, landscape architects, preservationists, interior designers, urban planners, engineers, and cost estimators. Learn more about our Design Grants



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