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Potential Volunteer Opportunities - Fall 2015

Want to use your design skills to help local nonprofits? The Community Design Collaborative is currently reviewing applications from nonprofits who recently applied to receive pro bono preliminary design services. Part of our Design Grant selection process includes gauging interest from volunteers; these organizations have not yet been awarded Design Grants, but are in consideration for one. 

If you're interested in volunteering on any of the below potential projects, email to let us know. All selected projects are scheduled to begin in December, January or February. If you're not yet a Collaborative volunteer, you'll also need to submit a volunteer application



(They have not yet been awarded)

East Falls Development Corporation/Friends of Mifflin School
Lower NW Phila. – 3624 Conrad Street
Conceptual design for open space improvements for Mifflin Elementary School
Volunteers needed: landscape architects, civil engineer (stormwater consultant), cost estimator 

Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery
Lower NW Phila. - 3822 Ridge Avenue
Programming and site feasibility study for the development of a visitor's center and archival facility
Volunteers needed: architects, cost estimator

J.R. Masterman School/J.R. Masterman Home & School Association
Lower N. Phila. - 1699 Spring Garden Street
Conceptual design for improvements and greening of the rooftop open space
Volunteers needed: landscape architects, structural engineer, historic preservationist, stormwater consultant, cost estimator 

Neumann Goretti High School
S. Phila. - 1736 S. 10th Street
Conceptual design for interior and exterior improvements
Volunteers needed: architects, interior designers, landscape architects, civil engineer (stormwater consultant), cost estimator 

Newbold Civic AssociationNewbold Community Development Corporation
S. Phila. - 1800 Snyder Avenue
Conceptual design for schoolyard greening at Girard Elementary School
Volunteers needed: landscape architects, civil engineer (stormwater consultant), preservationist, cost estimator

Norris Square Community Alliance
Lower N. Phila. - 2200 blocks between N. 3rd and N. Leithgow Streets
Conceptual design for improvements and expansion of community sports fields
Volunteers needed: landscape architects, civil engineer (stormwater consultant), cost estimator

Our Mother of Consolation Parish School
Upper NW Phila. – 17 E. Chestnut Hill Avenue
Conceptual design for an outdoor learning and play space
Volunteers needed: landscape architects, civil engineer (stormwater consultant); cost estimator 

Southwest Community Development Corporation
Lower SW Phila. - 6300-12 Dicks Ave., 2714 S. 63rd Street, 6229-45 Harley Avenue, 2811 S. 63rd Street
Feasibility study and conceptual design for new affordable housing
Volunteers needed: architects, urban designer/planner, landscape architect/civil engineer (stormwater consultant), cost estimator 

Vare-Washington Elementary School / United Communities Southeast Phila.
S. Phila. - 1198 S. 5th Street
Conceptual design for schoolyard greening
Volunteers needed: landscape architects, graphic designer, structural engineer, civil engineer (stormwater consultant); cost estimator  

William Way LGBT Community Center
Center City - 1315 Spruce Street
Conceptual design for facility improvements
Volunteers needed: architects, preservationist, cost estimator 

Volunteer opportunities still available for grants awarded previously:

Frankford CDC
Lower NE Phila.- 4600 - 4700 Frankford Ave., 4600 Paul Street
Conceptual design for commercial corridor streetscape improvements
Volunteers needed: architect, landscape architect, cost estimator

Friends of Pretzel Park / Manayunk Development Corporation
Lower NW Phila. - 4300 Silverwood Street
Conceptual design for park improvements
Volunteers needed: landscape architects, civil engineer (stormwater consultant), cost estimator 


If you're interested in volunteering on any of these potential projects, email Consider listing several options in case your first choice does not get selected and let us know if you're interested in a specific project but your discipline is not listed - we may still be able to place you on the team.



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