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Corporate Champion: Allied Construction

In 2017, Jody Arena, Chief Operating Officer of Allied Construction Services, said his company supports the Collaborative because it provided the process for communities to improve their neighborhoods in a very cost-effective way.

Why be a Champion?
I think you always get more back than you give. It’s rewarding to know you’re helping to change the city and region for the better—and helping communities help themselves. The Collaborative provides the groundwork for communities to improve their neighborhoods, gain support, and take projects from vision to reality in a very cost-effective way.

I first learned about the Collaborative when I joined Allied. I saw a connection between how we work and how the Collaborative works and wanted to get involved. I’m now going into my fourth year as a member of the Collaborative’s board of directors. But our involvement is really about all our team members. They’re volunteering on Collaborative projects as part of their personal stewardship.

Our mission is to build success for our clients, employees, and company through teamwork, integrity, safety, and stewardship. It’s part of our firm’s commitment to give back and to be a part of the community that we serve. Our involvement with the Collaborative supports the stewardship side of our mission.

To date, our staff has contributed nearly 200 volunteer hours on pro bono preliminary designs to improve neighborhood schools, commercial corridors, recreational facilities, and housing.

About Allied Construction Services
Allied Construction Services is a commercial construction management company serving the Greater Philadelphia Region. The company manages the construction of multifamily housing (both affordable and market rate), college and university, health care, and major retail projects. Some of their projects started with a Collaborative preliminary design.



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