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Second Round of Design Grants for 2019

More nonprofits and neighborhoods will benefit from preliminary design services through the Community Design Collaborative’s Design Grant Program!
We are collaborating with Philly youth to create a PARK(ing) Day parklet that can be re-installed in their neighborhood.

PARK(ing) Day is an annual, global event that brings citizens, artists, and activists together to transform metered parking spaces into temporary mini-parks (or parklets) for one fun-filled day. Collaborative volunteers will be working with the Center for Architecture and Design and a group of young people in North Philadelphia on the design of a parklet for Philly's 12th Annual PARK(ing) Day. Participating youth will develop the concept and design for the parklet. After its PARK(ing) Day debut on Friday, September 20, 2019, the parklet will be donated and re-installed in their North Philly neighborhood.

Sprucing up the interior of Panati Recreation Center will be the focus of our design grant to Allegheny West Foundation.


Collaborative volunteers will assist Allegheny West Foundation (AWF) with re-envisioning the interior space of Panati Recreation Center, the location of AWF’s education programs. Volunteers will engage AWF summer workforce training students in the design of the space. The Community Design Collaborative will work with the students through a series of two-hour education sessions during AWF’s six-week service-learning program. This design grant will be implemented as part of a partnership with the Center for Architecture and Design’s Architecture in Education program.

About Design Grants
The Collaborative’s Design Grant Program provides preliminary design services to support community and economic development led by nonprofits in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Design grants are structured to engage the community in the design process and build the capacity of community-based nonprofits to create partnerships, raise funding, and move projects to the next phase of the development process. Each design grant offers a unique scope of services and team of volunteer design professionals to meet the specific needs of the nonprofit grant recipient and the community it serves.

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