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Farewell to Heidi Segall-Levy, AIA, SEED

With great appreciation for Heidi Segall-Levy’s many achievements, the Community Design Collaborative’s Board of Directors announces Heidi’s departure as Director of Design Services.

Heidi has been an integral part of the Community Design Collaborative’s efforts over the past almost 20 years. Heidi led all of the Design Service department’s endeavors, providing invaluable direction to nonprofit clients and volunteer teams and guiding the Collaborative’s consulting efforts. Her hand can be seen in many of the projects throughout Philadelphia stemming from the organization’s efforts. During her tenure, over 700 projects were completed. She personally brought a value of $1.8MM in design services to the projects in her portfolio. Under her
direction the organization was able to provide $11MM in leveraged value to clients through our pro bono projects.

Heidi joined the Collaborative in 2001 as a project manager and served as the Director of Design Services for the past 7 years. After joining the organization during its 10th Anniversary celebrations, she spent the next two decades shaping the process to engage and assist communities by providing design services to move projects forward in local neighborhoods.

During Heidi’s time at the Collaborative, she was able to complete numerous projects and initiatives including:

  • The establishment of Infill Philadelphia, followed by over a decade of successful Infill projects reflecting on a range of issues affecting Philadelphia
  • Advancing the process for peer design review to engage professional experts to provide project feedback
  • Long time partnerships with William Penn Foundation, Philadelphia Department of Commerce, and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)
  • Pioneering the inclusion of Special Initiatives and Technical Assistance in the Collaborative’s menu of services
  • Representing the Collaborative and building partnerships with ndustry counterparts like Partners for Sacred Spaces, PACDC, the Preservation Alliance, and AIA Philadelphia

Known for her immense commitment in support of clients and volunteers and her strong work ethic, Heidi’s mark on the organization has been invaluable. Support and praise for her efforts during her tenure at the Collaborative have poured in from clients, partners, dedicated volunteers,
and funders highlighting her diligence and passion for community-based work.

The Board of Directors thanks Heidi for her dedication, service, and leadership for the past two decades. We look forward to her future successes and career milestones. Her contributions have been foundational for the development of the Community Design Collaborative.



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