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April 19th, 2018

Leverage 2018: What an evening it was!

Thanks to our Leverage 2018 sponsors and to everyone who joined us!

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Designs on the Soul of the Community
The Collaborative received recognition in soul of our community: physical beauty means a lot, a Flying Kite post by Lee Stabert. Reporting on a recent John S. and James L....
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Community Dialogue about Baltimore Avenue
A team of Collaborative volunteers is working with Cedar Parks Neighbors to create design strategies for redeveloping the commercial corridor on Baltimore Avenue from 49th to 52nd...
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Philadelphia Architecture: A Guide to the City
The Center for Architecture announces the third edition of Philadelphia Architecture: A Guide to the City, the most comprehensive book on the architectural treasures of...
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Getting Smashed at Glassphemy!
An idea from the Collaborative's Infill Philadelphia: Industrial Sites Temporary Reuse Design Charrette has got legs and is on the move! The charrette brought together a...
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Interim Use Charrette: Emboldened by David Belt
Check out Plan Philly’s post on the Collaborative's  interim use charrette, Infill Philadelphia: Boldness redefines ‘community center' . Thomas J. Walsh writes:  “Planners,...
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Looking for fresh food in all the right places
Pennsylvania's Fresh Food Financing Initiative is gaining national prominence for funding fresh food retail projects in under-served communities and raising the vitality of...
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Revealing Designs for Modern Industry
Philadelphia’s stock of old industrial sites are full of character and connected to neighborhoods which can be assets for attracting the next generation of industries that are...
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Unlocking the Potential of Older Industrial Sites
Infill Philadelphia: Industrial Sites is becoming part of the public discussion about job creation and green economic development.  In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article, A...
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Out and about: grid
Check out the latest issue of grid magazine for a feature story on the Overbrook Environmental Education Center, a 2005 Community Design Collaborative project. The...
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