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May 6th, 2021

Design Matters - May 2021

Design Matters: May 2021

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Green Schoolyards Service Grants
Green schoolyards have gained international attention as an innovative way to enhance learning and play. Locally, the City of Philadelphia has embraced green schoolyards as a...
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Digging Dickinson Square
Construction for Dickinson Square has begun! With hulking, dying sycamore trees and buildings, pathways, and other infrastructure last renovated in the '70s, Dickinson Square...
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So Happy Together—Park(ing)Day’s Pallet Park
Many thanks to the hard-working volunteers who had a hand (sometimes containing splinters) in designing and building the Collaborative’s Pallet Park for Park(ing) Day. Jordan Barr,...
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Collaborative Helps Communities Design for Walkability
The Community Design Collaborative has had the opportunity to explore walkability through its work with community-based nonprofits. Here’s a sampling of how we’re is helping...
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Green Roofs and Great Views
The Collaborative worked with Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to put together a tour featuring innovative neighborhood projects for Cities Alive, an international conference for...
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Making the Case for Energy Design
Joe Matje used the Department of Energy’s “Target Finder” to analyze energy use as part of a preliminary design for the expansion of Libertae, a residential treatment program...
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Walkability: We’re #5! How do we get to #1?
Walkability is a measure of how friendly a community is to walking. Walkability’s impact is not limited to the built environment—it affects to well-being, safety,...
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The Sheridan Street Story
Posted by Beth Miller, Executive Director: Since we’ve been celebrating our 20th anniversary, 2011 has been an action-packed year at the Collaborative. But even in this...
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Urban Energy Design Charrette
What do bees, pole beans, pencils, and fledgling green businesses have in common? A shared home in Hunting Park West! 2901 W. Hunting Park Avenue is the current location of...
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