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April 7th, 2022

Design Matters: April 2022

April Showers Bring Blooms! We emerge with new opportunities to connect including Leverage 2022 in person!

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Our 2015 Community Design Award Winner
In October, the Community Design Collaborative presented its 2015 Community Design Award to Nicetown Sports Court. This annual award recognizes one Design Grant for excellence in...
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Inspired from many angles
Architect Michael Spain has contributed his design expertise to several Collaborative projects, including one of our first green schoolyard projects and, recently, a conceptual...
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Dan Meier, Engineering a Greener City
  "You cringe… there’s not an inch of green!" says civil engineer Dan Meier about some of the schoolyards he’s seen as a Collaborative volunteer, “ It’s just this big paved...
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Our 2015 Community Design Award Finalists
Every year, the Community Design Collaborative recognizes one of its many compelling Design Grants for excellence in design, collaboration, and community impact with its Community...
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Enjoying design review's give and take
If you come to one of our Design Grant Review meetings, you’re likely to find architect Jeffrey Brummer around the table. Jeff is a co-chair of this committee, which meets twice...
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Leila Hamroun, Finding the Future in the Past
As a preservationist, architect, and Algerian immigrant, Leila Hamroun has devoted her life to learning about the history and identity of places. For her, the challenge is how...
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Salt and the practice of landscape architecture
How does a volunteer stint with the Israeli army lead to a career in landscape architecture? Just ask Sara Pevaroff Schuh, an energetic landscape architect and volunteer with the...
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PA Neighborhood Restoration Act
Intern architect and Community Design Collaborative volunteer Lea Oxenhandler spoke at a recent press conference announcing the PA Neighborhood Restoration Act. This new...
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Erica Sollberger, Many ways to get involved
2014 - Erica Sollberger, sitting in the beautiful and newly renovated Twentieth Century Club, laughs when asked about what she does as director of Parks and Recreation for the...
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