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Design Services



The Community Design Collaborative's design services have been developed to serve communities, support the architecture and design professions, and demonstrate the value of good design.

The Collaborative's mission is to ensure that high-quality design is accessible to everyone. To do that, we provide pro bono preliminary design services to organizations and communities through a community-engaged design process. We provide these services by matching organizations with volunteer design professionals.

Pro bono preliminary design services are critical. They enable organizations and communities to drive the improvements their neighborhoods need most, raise and leverage funding, and take projects through implementation. Pro bono preliminary design services also lay the groundwork for more equitable development.

The Collaborative delivers preliminary design services in three ways – core grants, initiatives, and technical assistance. The first step is to apply for services. We will then work with you to determine which set of services will be the most effective for achieving your goals.

Interested in accessing design services? We’re currently retooling our process for applying. In the meantime, you can express interest by emailing Jesse Blitzstein at with a brief description of your organization, potential project, and need for assistance.



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