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Design Grant Application

Pro Bono Preliminary Design Services


The following application is intended for those who have been directed here through their responses to our questions regarding organization type or who have been directed here by Collaborative staff.

Once the Collaborative receives your completed application, a design professional from the staff will contact you to arrange a design consultation which will consist of an interview, site visit (as applicable), and advisory services. The consultation will provide $500 to $1,000 in services from a design professional to advance your project.

If your application is selected to receive a design grant, your organization will have 30 days, upon receipt of your letter of agreement, to sign and remit a $5000 administrative fee required with each core grant to offset the Collaborative’s direct costs. See our FAQs for information about fees. 

Organizations receiving design grants will be expected to contribute their time and take an active role in the design process. For example, you may be asked to provide additional background information or coordinate community task force meetings, volunteer team meetings, and site visits. These responsibilities and others unique to your design grant will be agreed upon and detailed in a letter of agreement which outlines your design grant’s volunteer, team, scope, and time frame. 

The Collaborative is currently deffering the $250 design grant application fee. 

Apply to be considered for a design grant by completing our application. The Collaborative receives and reviews applications on a rolling basis. We award design grants on a quarterly basis.  (see a sample application here).  

Should you be interested in applying, your organization is not a 501(c)(3) and you have not spoken with Collaborative staff, if your organization does not own the prospective project site, or if you have additional questions about the application. Please contact executive director Tya Winn at or



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