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Partner Inquiry

Expression of Interest

The following inquiry is intended for those who have been directed here through their responses to our questions regarding organization type or who have been directed here by Collaborative staff.

The Collaborative works with organizations, public agencies, and firms to investigate and address issues, challenges, and opportunities through design. We also work with these groups to provide technical assistance which may be related to a specific aspect of the community design and development process or the delivery of pro bono community-engaged design services.

This inquiry serves as an expression of interest. It asks for basic information about your organization; the issues, challenges, or opportunities you want to address; and the technical assistance you are seeking from the Collaborative.

Within two weeks of receiving your Partner Inquiry, a Collaborative staff member will contact you to further discuss your organization, interests, and goals. You may be asked to provide additional information, meet with the Collaborative, or submit a core grant application.

There is no fee required for the partner inquiry. The fee for design services will vary based on the type and scope of services the Collaborative recommends.

For consideration as a partner, complete our online form below. The Collaborative receives and reviews inquiries on a rolling basis. We award design grants on a quarterly basis.  

If you have additional questions, please contact Tya Winn at or

Collaborative Partner Inquiry

Collaborative Partner Inquiry

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The Community Design Collaborative works with Partner organizations, agencies, and firms to investigate and address issues, challenges, or opportunities through design.

The following inquiry will serve as an expression of interest seeking to address the above or technical assistance. Inquiries will be reviewed on a rolling basis and Collaborative Staff will follow up within two weeks of submission.
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Organization/Agency/Firm (Entity)

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