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Everyone Plays A Vital Role

Your support enables the Collaborative to use design as a tool that empowers, inspires, and makes a lasting difference. 

The Community Design Collaborative partners with communities to envision the environments where they live, work, play, and thrive. 

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Your generous financial support brings together a village that supports, partners in and advances design justice. 

Our community is part of a Philadelphia that actively reclaims and creates our spaces and places to reflect the city we want to live in –a city of inclusivity, diversity and justice. 

You will see in our language words like “design justice” and “design equity” - these are words we are committed to.  

In 2022, we worked with many of our volunteers, community members, elected officials to deeply reflect on the best use of our role as  

- A new strategic plan

- A Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

Building our design Team to be its largest and most diverse ever 

- A redesigned office space 

- A Human Resources guidebook supporting staff and culture of inclusivity

We a poised in 2023 to bring this work forward in powerful ways that bring equity forward.



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