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24th Annual Bowling Ball

We’ve struck out on the opportunity to be together, but we kept the tradition alive! 

It’s not how you bowl… it’s how you roll! 

Each Fall, the Community Design Collaborative looks forward to bringing together volunteers and supporters for a fun night of friendly competition at Bowling Ball. This year would have marked our 24th annual event.

Although we couldn't get together in-person, the 24th Annual Bowling Ball kept the tradition alive by offering opportunities to support the Collaborative by purchasing sponsorships with fun bowling-themed giveaways. This year's sponsors rose to the challenge and contributed more than $15,000 - exceeding our goal!  

All funds raised will support the Collaborative’s ongoing programs.

Bocce Set awarded to our Ten Pin Sponsors

                                    The Collaborative would like to thank this year's sponsors:

Ten Pin

  • AIA Philadelphia
  • Ballinger
  • Community Ventures
  • HACE
  • HACE Managment Company
  • HOK
  • Ian Smith Design Group
  • J+M Engineering
  • Larsen & Landis
  • Parallel Edge, Inc.
  • Volpe & Koenig

Top Spin

  • Caritas Construction
  • Clemens Construction Company, Inc
  • DIGSAU Architecture/Urbanism
  • Duane Morris, LLP
  • Holstein White, Inc.
  • JDAVIS Architects
  • JKRP Architects
  • Keast & Hood
  • Kitchen & Associates
  • McDonald Building Company, LLC
  • McGillin Architecture, Inc.
  • O'Donnell & Naccarato, Inc
  • SMP Architects
  • Stantec

Alley Cat

  • AOS Architects
  • Brawer & Hauptman
  • Elizabeth Miller
  • Elyssa Kane
  • Harold New
  • Heidi Segall Levy
  • Jenn Richards
  • Kevin Flynn
  • Langan
  • Mainstay Engineering Group, Inc
  • Megan McGinley
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • Robert Powers
  • Sybille Damas Burke
  • TN Ward Company
  • Zimmerman Studio


  • Anonymous
  • Andrew Halt
  • Daryn Edwards
  • Denise Richards
  • Denise Thompson
  • CaVA Architects
  • Lynda White
  • Lea Oxenhandler
  • Marla and Scott Oxenhandler
  • Richard B. Williams
  • Stuart Rosenberg


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