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IAF International Summer School

As part of Project 20x20 – The Irish Architecture Foundation is launching the inaugural IAF SUMMERSCHOOL in June. Across 3 weeks they will deliver live, online panel discussions and workshops which will communicate a multi-scale perspective on architecture to a national and international audience of general public and practitioners. Each week has a different spatial focus, moving from the private space of the home, into public space and beyond into virtual space. The key area of concern in each case is how we navigate and utilise these spaces as we respond with creative urgency to the current global pandemic. 

The Collaborative's Director of Design Services, Heidi Segall Levy will be speaking in Week 3: Virtual Space on Thursday 9th July to discuss how the Design SWAT Team at Community Design Collaborative used Zoom to collaborate, gather feedback and hold a virtual design review while working on the Sunday Rescue Breakfast Mission building in Philadelphia. 



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