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Our Mother of Consolation Parish School

The Collaborative prepared a multi-faceted plan for outdoor learning and play, using part of an existing parking lot. A nature play hill, playing field, and play structure borrow their organic shapes from waterways and forests. Six rain gardens are strategically placed to capture stormwater runoff. A pergola provides a transition between indoors and outdoors, and an outdoor garden workshop complements an existing greenhouse.

Volunteer Design Team

Margaret Johnson

Landscape Architectural Designer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Melissa DiCicco

Cost Estimator
InTech Construction
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nathan Powers

Landscape Architectural Designer

Thomas Halliwell

Civil Engineer
Grist LLC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reflects volunteers' profession and firm at time of Design Grant
Project Title
OMC Parish School: Conceptual Design for an Outdoor Learning and Play Space
17 E. Chestnut Hill Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118
Chestnut Hill
Germantown/Chestnut Hill
Volunteer Hours
Value of Pro Bono Services
Design Grant Completed
February 23, 2017


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