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Enhance the Site

From the perspective of design as well as the community, a school is a prominent feature on a block that has the power to enhance the entire neighborhood. 

An attractive, well-designed schoolyard connects the school with residents and can redefine a school as a unique community asset. The school exterior reflects what is happening inside, and a well-designed entrance can:

  • instill pride in community members
  • signal to neighbors a positive investment in the school and, by extension, the community.
  • inspires confidence in prospective homebuyers as well as local parents who may have been unsure about sending their children to the school
  • cuts down on noise by reduc¬ing the amount of asphalt
  • improves property values of surrounding homes. 

A greening plan within the schoolyard can also provide simple, creative solutions to logistical issues that every school faces, such as parking, trash, and recycling.

Examples of our work

The images below show a variety of ways to enhance the schoolyard site. 

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When planning and designing a schoolyard site, consider these elements:

  • fencing
  • pick up/drop off area
  • building improvements
  • signage and lighting
  • water source
  • historic elements/interpretive signage
  • parking
  • storage
  • dumpsters
  • bike racks
  • recycling and composting


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