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Introduce Learning Tools

Our design teams always keep in mind that the most important part of a schoolyard are its users: the students. To that end, we promote innovative schoolyard elements and outdoor learning spaces that ultimately serve students’ academic achieve­ment. 

Interacting with nature is in itself a learning opportunity—which an be as simple as watching the flow of water through the schoolyard. Butterfly gardens, rain barrels, birdfeeders, and weather stations can instill an appreciation for the environment. 

Whether formal or informal, tools such as workstations and multiuse areas for inquiry and exploration, whether in science, technology, engineering, the arts, or mathematics (STEAM). Research shows that, when given outdoor assignments, students are able to pay attention for longer periods of time and focus more effectively when they return to the classroom.

Examples of our work

The images below show designs for several schools that integrate learning tools.

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When planning and designing a schoolyard that will open up learning opportunities, consider these elements:

  • outdoor classroom
  • greenhouse
  • solar panels
  • teaching aids and educational graphics
  • nature walks


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