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Support Active Play

The Collaborative strives to design effective outdoor spaces that support diverse activi­ties. Our approach integrates an understanding that:

  • Kids seek different kinds of play, in part depending on their age.
  • Play equip­ment encourages vigorous physical activity among both girls and boys.
  • An effectively multisen­sory environment combines smooth, brightly colored play equipment with the rough and “wild” textures of natural landscapes.

We also target our schoolyard designs to address the appropriate stages of child development, including:

  • activities that enable first graders to explore space and relation­ships
  • guided discovery, leaping, and climbing for second and third graders
  • refining skills and upper-body strength for fourth and fifth graders and middle schoolers.
Examples of our work

The site plans and renderings below reflect how active play can be integrated into schoolyards at a number of our project sites. 

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When planning and designing a schoolyard that will support active play, consider these elements:

  • play equipment
  • fitness equipment
  • berms
  • track
  • basketball court
  • hard-surface play area
  • multipurpose field


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