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Connect the Classroom

The Collaborative supports every team in constantly coming back to the larger goal: the experience of the ultimate user. That requires asking how any schoolyard improvement will serve the learning experiences of the students. 
Advantages for students

Pairing classroom learning with schoolyard experiences can be a key element of academic success, and a good design strategy includes outdoor learning spaces where teachers can reinforce the existing environmental education in the classroom. Our schoolyard plans provide opportunities for experiential, real-world learning like measuring, experiments, or journaling.

In our experience

Students and teachers at schools with strong, innovative environmental education programs tend to become the catalysts for transforming the schoolyard. If your school has made progress with curriculum already, consider forming a committee and reaching out to us about a Design Grant.

Teaching about Philadelphia’s Urban Watershed 

A great way to get started is through Philadelphia Water's  curriculum guide and teacher resources. The Fairmount Water Works trains educators to integrate local environmental lessons in the class­room that help students build on activities and observations in the yard.

Check out Understand­ing the Urban Watershed Curriculum Guide and other educational resources created by the Fairmount Water Works, the PWD, and partner organizations at




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