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Find the Funding

The successful schoolyard champions we have partnered with learned to broker and coordinate funding as well as in-kind donations. They know that the funding they needed to see the project through would have to come from multiple sources.
Diversify your sources

These may include: 

  • School students and family members—for modest, engaging fundraisers to build interest, reinforce the vision, and expand your group of “Friends.” (For example: a penny drive to raise funds to purchase a weather station.)
  • Alumni of the school—for more formal fundraising efforts, like direct appeals and special events.
  • Community members and groups—for funding or endorse¬ments for the project.
  • Your local school district—for materials, labor, and coordination of other capital improvements to support the project. 
  • Businesses—for local donations or recruiting corporate volunteers.
  • Foundations—for direct financial support. Grant applications may need to focus on the priorities of the funder, which could be stormwater management or other long-term goals.
  • Nonprofits—for in-kind donations, especially of expertise and materials.
  • Public agencies—for significant funding, especially for infrastructure that has citywide benefit.
  • Public officials—for support through funding and policy.


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