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Implement Your Plan

Although the Collaborative is not involved with the implementation phase of schoolyard projects, as with all of nonprofits we serve, our work helps them set the stage and make connections all along the way.
1. Do it yourself

Some of our clients had success starting with a DIY project that the conceptual design calls for, such as a building a raised-bed garden or replacing paving with a planting bed. This get the ball rolling and begins to build excitement for bigger improvements down the road. 

2. Hire a team of professionals

Major improvements will require hiring a team that may include a landscape architect, architect, civil engineer, project manager or owner’s rep, and contractor. 

3. Participate in the construction phase

An effective client remains active as the improvements are being implemented. Here are a few tips:

  • Be sensitive to neighbors, students, teachers, and other community members who will be affected by construction.
  • Devise a communications plan in advance so people know what to expect.
  • Be aware of the time periods designated for construction.
  • Stay in touch with your project/construction manager and with representatives of your school and/or school district.
  • Participate in construction progress meetings (generally held biweekly).
  • Keep students, teachers, families, and your task force in the loop, through meetings and/or school assemblies.




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