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Even before you begin the planning process, basic preparation is essential.
Schoolyard clean ups and planting days can build community excitement and commitment.
1. Assemble a team

A core group of individuals—families, students, teachers, staff, and neighbors—will need to coordinate activities and promote the project within the larger community.

2. Kick-start the change

To build excitement and interest, undertake a doable activity—host a clean-up day, create a small garden, or plant a few trees—that will inspire the community to think about the future of the school. 

3. Identify (or establish) a champion

Designate an organization that is equipped to provide energetic and consistent support over time to maintain momentum. This might be a committee of the Home and School Association (or PTA), a “Friends” fundraising group, an existing community group, or a new nonprofit you create. Please note that you'll need to be a nonprofit or form a partnership with a nonprofit to work with the Collaborative. 

4. Reach out 
  • Involve the students
  • Talk to your school district
  • Create a community taskforce




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