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Steward Your Success

Upon completion of their schoolyard project, groups like the Greening Greenfield Committee have shared with us and other Philadelphia schools what they have learned about the ongoing commitment that begins once improvements are complete.

Here are some of the ways in which these projects can continue to engage the members of a school community.

1. Celebrate

As with any volunteer-led project, it’s important to celebrate project milestones, large and small. These gatherings provide the opportunity to thank contributors, explain what you’ve accomplished, articulate what’s ahead, and gain wider support. Building regular events into the school and community calendar—like an Earth Day celebration or a workday to paint, plant a garden, or weed—refresh and reaffirm your shared commitment to the schoolyard.

2. Steward your schoolyard

Once a capital improvement is complete, it’s time to implement a maintenance plan with the school, school district and/or other partners that may have been instrumental in getting the work done. (For Philadelphia schools, this may include the Philadelphia Water Department.) 

Keep in mind: Your group should expect to actively maintain the improvements—plantings and green infrastructure elements—and keep them in good shape. 

3. Advocate

We invite you to join the growing network of people and organizations that are transforming schoolyards throughout your region. (For connections in Philadelphia, see our Resources page). 

You are now in the position to:

  • advocate as a larger group to go after wider funding and other resources
  • mentor new school groups that may be just starting the design process
  • inspire others by talking and writing about your work and successes.




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