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Sacred Places/Civic Spaces

Submit your design team for the Design Challenge

How can historic sacred places support civic engagement, social cohesion, and neighborhood equity? 

The Community Design Collaborative in partnership with Partners for Sacred Places is excited to announce the next phase of Infill Philadelphia! Join us to demonstrate that underutilized space in historic sacred properties throughout Philadelphia can be activated in ways that expand the civic commons, serve a larger secular purpose, and strengthen communities! Sacred Places/Civic Spaces is funded by the William Penn Foundation.

The Community Design Collaborative and Partners for Sacred Places are calling for design teams for the Sacred Places/Civic Spaces Design Challenge, an interactive design process in which three multidisciplinary design teams will be paired with the congregations of three real-life, historic sacred places located in Philadelphia neighborhoods. Together they will create innovative design and development concepts for incorporating civic spaces into sacred places. The deadline to submit is April 9, 2018. 

Open the PDF below for more information and a link to the submission form. 



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