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Tap into our pro bono preliminary design services to make
your project a success. 
The Collaborative’s Design Grant Program gives nonprofits and communities access to pro bono preliminary design services. 

Preliminary design greatly increases the likelihood that a project will be successfully completed. Preliminary design is the first 10% of the design process. It provides nonprofits  and communities with powerful tools to advance their projects - conceptual drawings to share their vision, feasibility studies to prove the project can be done, and preliminary cost estimates to guide fundraising. 

The Collaborative works with each Design Grant recipient to determine the approach and scope of services that will best meet their needs. Design grants typically provide between $15,000 and $45,000 in preliminary design services donated by highly skilled volunteers with expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, cost estimating, historic preservation, interior design, urban design, city planning, lighting design, graphic design, and more.

Design grant recipients pay a $5,000 administrative fee to offset the Collaborative’s direct costs. Scholarships may be available for organizations receiving Design Grants to advance neighborhood economic development in the City of Philadelphia or support Community Development Block Grant activities in service areas approved by the Philadelphia Division of Housing and Community Development.

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Storytelling inspires infill development for Mantua
Michael Thorpe, executive director of Mt. Vernon Manor CDC, is a born storyteller. His stories about growing up in Mantua were the guiding force behind an ingenious design study...
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First Round of Design Grants for 2019
Four nonprofits have received grants of preliminary design services  through the Community Design Collaborative’s Design Grant Program! The first two design grants extend the...
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Our 2018 Community Design Award Winner
The conceptual design for the West Parkside Youth Sports and Community Learning Center is the recipient of AIA Philadelphia's 2018 Community Design Award. The award recognizes one...
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Our Design Process

Nonprofit partnership and community engagement are hallmarks of our design process.

Nonprofit proposes an idea

Collaborative matches nonprofit with volunteer design team

Design team, nonprofit and community collaborate

Design team creates conceptual design

Nonprofit and community give feedback

Final conceptual design and recommendations compiled

Nonprofit moves forward with project



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