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Erica Sollberger

"The Collaborative helped the community say, ‘We can really think bigger.’” 

2014 - Erica Sollberger is a landscape architect who has both volunteered for the Collaborative and partnered with us through a design grant for Lansdowne Boys and Girls Club.

Erica laughs when asked about what she does as director of Parks and Recreation for the Borough of Lansdowne. "Sorry I'm laughing, because it's like everything! Even this morning, I'm still itching from cutting shrubs over at the library." Her job is usually not this hands-on. Her primariy reponsibility is to manage the borough's parks, which range from over three acres to little pocket parks.  Part of those responsibilities entail making improvements, which is how she first started working with the Community Design Collaborative.

Hoffman Park is the largest and most-used park in Lansdowne. When improvements were needed to the park's mid-century modern pavilions, Lansdowne Parks and Recreation and the local Boys and Girls Club teamed up and enlisted the help of the Collaborative. Both the organizations and the community are very pleased with the final design.

"It helped them to think outside of their box and look to the outside community and say, ‘Oh look, we don't have to settle for a Port-A-Potty anymore. We can really think bigger.' I think it's a really great part of the process."

“If you say ‘we have this great project’ and have the visuals to back it up, it’s so much easier to get people on board and excited.” 



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