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Jeffrey Brummer

"Volunteer and leadership opportunities with the Collaborative teach you to work with people, and to give ideas and take ideas."  

2018- Jeffrey Brummer received the Collaborative's Alan Greenberger Award for his ongoing contributions and commitment to the Collaborative's mission.

Why is design an important part of revitalizing communities?
Community participation in design gives them a voice in how their neighborhood is revitalized.  The results can energize people and prove that they can create a positive space.

What has been most surprising, rewarding, or fun about your Collaborative experience?
It has been especially rewarding to design and build installations with the help of children.  I really enjoy watching them see a project that they helped with come to life.

What do you love most about Philadelphia?
I have always liked exploring the small streets and courts scattered throughout center city.  There are so many historic details and clever building reuse projects that I'm always finding something new.

Enjoying design review's give and take
If you come to one of our Design Grant Review meetings, you’re likely to find architect Jeffrey Brummer around the table. Jeff is a co-chair of this committee, which meets twice...
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