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Telsa Love

Q. Why is design an important part of revitalizing communities?

R. I think it is important for people to understand that design isn't just an aesthetic, but how one interacts with the world around them. It is an integration of the physical with how we work, play and live. Revitalizing communities through design just means that we should be making the most efficient use out of the spaces that we have and having those work seamlessly into our daily lives.

Q. What has been most surprising, rewarding, or fun about your Collaborative experience?

R. Sometimes as designers we get disconnected with how our clients see space. It was a nice reminder that we need to be designing for people. Sitting in an office and designing in front of a computer is much different than sitting in front of a client addressing real life needs. It was a refreshing reminder.

Q. What do you love most about Philadelphia?

R. The potential that each neighborhood has to be connected together. I love that the city is both real about their future but also optimistic.



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