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We'll post questions that we receive during the registration period here and we'll continue to update throughout the competition.

I'm looking for others to team up with. Can you connect me with others who are looking for teammates?
Join the Facebook Group Play Space Design Competition Forum, moderated by the Collaborative, to find teammates.

Do I need to know everyone that will be on my team in order to register?
No, in order to register you only need to have the name of your required licensed design professional. Other teammates can be added until January 22. 

Do I need to be a licensed professional in the state of Pennsylvania?
No, each team is required to have one liscened professional - an architect, landscape architect, or civil engineer. This person need only be licensed in the state or country where they practice. 

What happens after the design competition?
The goal of the design competition is to see the winning designs advance. However, Play Space competition partners are not in a position to commit that competition winners will secure public commissions. The Collaborative has worked closely with the site owners through the site selection process, competition packet preparation, and site owners are also participating in the juried process for the selection of the finalists and winners. The site owners, in this case public agencies, have the ultimate responsibility for implementation and the consultant selection process.

Does someone on my team need to be based in Philadelphia or the United States to participate?
No, your team can be based anywhere. We definitely encourage teams from outside of Philadelphia to participate. 


Don't see your question here? Contact us!
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