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2020 Volunteer Awards

Every year, the Community Design Collaborative recognizes volunteers for design excellence and outstanding community service. Congratulations to our latest award recipients!

Outstanding Team|Individuals

for exemplary commitment to community design as a team of individual volunteers

NV5: Peter Ogonek, Taryn Dalius | Thomas MahoneLeah GrossoDoris Bova | McGillin Architecture: Mina Monavarian | Roshni Krishnan | Alisa McCann | J + M Engineering: Joseph Matje | Mission First Housing Group: Patrick Snoke…for their exceptional teamwork on Holy Cross: Conceptual Design for a Campus Sustainability Master Plan

Outstanding Team|Firm

for exemplary commitment to community design as a  firm volunteer

Gensler: Alex Chan, Sean Carlin, Kendra Linton, Erin Middleton...for their exceptional work on Frankford CDC rStore: Façade Improvements for the Frankford Avenue Commercial Corridor

Outstanding Team|Interdisciplinary

for exemplary interdisciplinary collaboration

CICADA Architecture/Planning, Inc.: Kurt Raymond, Laura Casaccio, Dana Rice, Linda To | Michael Spain | Elizabeth Class-MaldonadoLeandro Cortez | Katarina Dudas | Robin Miller
... for their exceptional architectural and educational teamwork on Re-imagining New Learning Spaces: Conceptual Design for Renovation of the Panati Rec Center Space

Outstanding Effort|Going Beyond 

for exemplary willingness to go beyond

Ramla Benaissa Architects:  Ramla Benaissa, Robert Shamble, Tyler Stull | Ballinger: Sarah Blitzer | Jenine KnibbBetsy WaySamantha Petty | DeBruyn Group: Chris DeBruyn... for their exceptional effort on CHT Rittenhouse Welcome and Resource Center: Conceptual Design for Creating a Community Hub

Outstanding Volunteers 

for exemplary commitment to community design

Katherine Antarikso
Alice Berman
Hannah Carlton
Lily Ho
Nando Micale
Kiera Townsend
Sabrena Wishart


Best Supporting Actor

for exemplary contributions through a supporting discipline 

Cloud Gehshen: Ian Goldberg
... for their contributions to Frankford CDC rStore: Façade Improvements for the Frankford Avenue Commercial Corridor and Design A.I.D. Outdoor Learning Spaces Competition


Rookie of the Year

for exemplary work and enthusiasm as a new firm volunteer

KJO Architecture
Kevin O’Neill, Greg Standeven
... for their work and enthusiasm on the West Lehigh Avenue Mixed-Use Development: Programming and Feasibility Study

You Can Count on Me

for exemplary and endless commitment to community design

Yoona Ahn | Jody ArenaAlex BruceJeff Brummer | Carolyn Campbell | Kevin Flynn| Robin Kohles| Betsy Way | Sabrena Wishart | Caitlin Youngster…for being our team of trusted volunteers to test our Design A.I.D. Pilot: Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission 

Committee Leadership

for extraordinary committee service

David Gest
Christine Larsen




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