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Volunteer Awards

Every year, the Community Design Collaborative recognizes volunteers for design excellence and outstanding community service. Congratulations to this year's award recipients!


Outstanding Team |  Individuals

for exemplary commitment to community design as a team of individual volunteers
Danielle Toronyi, Emily Khalid, Zack Lofton, Maggie Chase, Dan Meier, Peter Johnson, Anna Schmitz
... for their teamwork on Garden Court: Conceptual Design for Community Open Space Improvements

Outstanding Team | Firm

for exemplary commitment to community design as a firm volunteer
DIGSAU Meagan Whetstone, Jeff Goldstein, Harris Ford, Tyler Holdren, Ke Liu
... for their teamwork on West Parkside Youth Sports Facility: Conceptual Design for a Community Sports Facility and West Parkside Youth Sports Facility: Programming and Feasibility Study

Outstanding Team | Interdisciplinary

for exemplary interdisciplinary collaboration
BWA Kathy Lent, Richard Winston | Past Forward Architecture Leila Hamroun
Bruce E. Brooks Richard Hwang, Seamus McInerney | Hill International, Inc. Mostafa Khard, Lance Rothstein | Hannah Carlton | Aileen DiPrinzio
... for their teamwork on 1520 Race Street: Feasibility Study for Renovation

Outstanding Volunteers

for exemplary commitment to community design
Lori Aument
Alden Blyth
Carolyn Campbell
Chris DeBruyn
Bob Green
Mowa Li
Tony Kennedy
Jackie Schlindwein
Robert Siglin
Missy Van Slett

Best Supporting Actor

for exemplary contributions to a team through a supporting discipline 
Dharam Consulting

Rookie of the Year

for exemplary work and enthusiasm as a new volunteer
Looney Ricks Kiss

You Can Count on Me

for exemplary and endless commitment to community design

Committee Leadership

for extraordinary committee service
Jody Arena
Julie Wiley 



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